Half Up Half Down Quick Weave (With Ombre Hair)

Tatyana Wstco got 3bundles Ombre body wave 26 inches and a frontal from Anwig. The hair use 100% virgin Brazilian hair. Super soft, give a very beautiful 3 tones hair color and wavy pattern.

How many bundles do you need for a half up half down quick weave?

The weather is getting colder this time of the year and the season of protective styling is upon us. This means that we would be making decisions about which protective styles we want for our hair, in order to keep our kinky curls moisturized and avoid the frequent build-up of dirt.

When deciding on which protective styles to go for such as natural hair wigs, sew-ins, natural hair clip ins, or bundles, the decisionmaking can become an arduous and challenging process considering our hair budget.

To help you make better protective styling decisions, we will explore how many bundles of natural hair extensions you need to rock several bundle hairstyles.


The bundle hair extensions are often more pricey than the regular pack extensions. However, they are less prone to shedding, and with good maintenance and appropriate installation, they can be reused for years. Bundle hair extensions allow experimenting with different styling options -from adding color to cuts or highlights, the experience is the same as styling your own natural curls.

When shopping for natural hair bundles, hair texture preferences is an important factor to watch out for. Bundles come in a variety of density and textures. You can get your natural hair bundles from 3B- 4C hair textures, ranging from the Afro KinkyKinky Coily, Kinky Curly, And Kinky Blow Out Texture. Going for these textures means that you will not require so many bundles to pull them off. 

You can get your bundle hair extensions in either the synthetic or human hair types. If you desire a more natural-looking hairstyle, the human hair bundle extension is a more convenient option.

Bundle Hairstyles 

There are two ways you can install your bundles. You can either opt for a sew-in, which is easier to maintain, more affordable, and can typically last for about six months, or the glue and tape methods. The glue method involves the use of liquid adhesive directly on the hair. And for the tape method, one to two wefts with double-sided tape is attached to the hair.

Whether you are going for a sew-in or any other hair extension style, knowing how many bundles you need to achieve various bundle hairstyles is a key factor. 

Here is the tutorial on how to make a half up half down hairstyle. Just learn the skills and slay in your summer!

  • Put a plastic cap on your head first, then put a wig cap on top of your head.
  • Cut the weft and then push your hair glue down your wig cap, in fact, it is hard to lay down your wig at the back of your head. Be careful slow down you will succeed.
  • Then start the next track of your weft and glue it down. When it gets near the top of the head, stop the double weft to make sure it is not too thick. The start to lay down it with a u-shape. Then put the wig cap off and remove the plastic bag.
  • Wear the wig cap and cut the top of the head, you can also sew it to your braid a little.
  • Start the top of your hair. Because my hair is like kinky straight hair, I choose kinky straight weft and it matches pretty well and blends in seamlessly.
  • Use beeswax to the edges of your own hair and brush your hair into a ponytail.
  • You can wrap the rest bundle hair around the ponytail, you can go down upwards towards your head, then use a small portion of hair around the crown, you can also apply some got2b glue to make sure it is sleek, then you made it.
  • Finally, you can also style your hair to get the look you prefer.

A pack of bundles is usually a full 4 ounces, and the amount of bundles you will need is largely dependent on the desired style, preferred volume, and the quality of the bundles themselves. Also, if you want a shorter length, you won’t require as many bundles as you would if you are going for a longer style. 

Kinky Curly Sew In

The kinky curly sew-in gives you a natural look, its Z curled ringlets blend in amazingly well with your own natural hair and you typically do not need a lot of bundles to achieve this style. Getting the kinky curly sew-in will usually require 2-3 bundles of hair extension. For a 14″ inch style that is shoulder length, you should use 2 hair bundles. But if you are going for a longer length, 3 hair bundles are recommended in order to get full coverage for your sew-in, curly half up half down weave. To achieve the Kinky Curly Sew-in look, you can shop for Kinky Curly bundles, perfect for both 3B-3C hair textures.

Curly Full Sew In With Bangs

Curly hair usually has more density and does not necessarily need so many bundles to get a full look. For a full natural look, 2-3 bundles can be used. If you are going for a longer length, you should opt for 3-4 bundles. Unlike other sew-ins, curly tracks have little space between them, this means that when you get a full sew-in without using the required amount of bundles and it isn’t full enough, you will begin to see your braids in between the spaces. Also, the curly full sew-in with bangs style allows you to be versatile in styling your hair in a variety of ways.

Partial Sew In

To achieve a partial sew-in style, you will need 2 bundles of natural hair extensions. Partial sew-ins give you a more natural look, as sections of your natural hair will be left out in the front, the entire crown of the head, or sometimes in the back. Partial sew-ins allows for flexible, more natural styling options. For standard lengths, they would require a maximum of two bundles and three bundles if you are going for lengths longer than 24″. 

If you are not in the mood to get a partial sew-in, a great go-to natural hair extension is the U-part wig. The U-part wig has a u-shaped opening on top, which allows you to cover up the tracks with your own natural hair. The best part yet about the U-part wig is the way it blends in and matches your hair texture perfectly. 

Straight Sew In

Straight hairstyles are less dense than curly styles and would require more bundles to achieve a fuller look. Depending on the length, 3-4 bundles are recommended in order to pull off a straight sew-in look. If you are going for a straight sew-in frontal with a length over 22″, you will need to use a maximum of 3 bundles. This is because lace frontals are 13×4 inches and will require fewer hair bundles than the lace closure which is 4×4 inches. To achieve a full look, you will need from 2-3 bundles with a lace frontal and from 3-4 bundles with a lace closure.

Whatever bundle hairstyles you decide to on, keep in mind that bundles are great investments, as they typically last for much longer and allow you to experiment with a variety of desired hairstyles.

Tatyana Wstco’s Youtube video on “Quick Weave | half up half down weave| Natural Hair” rocked the web very quickly. To make a full wig, you need to take some time and energy. So this video is very helpful for women who wear human hair wigs on a regular basis.

Anwig Ombre hair weaves are made with 100% virgin human hair and are offered in amazing ombre shades. Coveted by fashion and beautiful YouTubers. If you’re in the market for a super-subtle hair color update, ombre is the move.

Blonde Ombre hair

Women’s ombre hair blonde prefers too much. There are dark in the scalp, while the end blond hair colors. Beautiful blond hair color shows your face.

Tatyana Wstco got 3bundles Ombre body wave 26 inches and a frontal from Anwig. The hair use 100% virgin Brazilian hair. Super soft, give a very beautiful 3tones hair color and wavy pattern. Following the tutorial of Tatyana on how to do the quick half up half down weave straight.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle ( Quick Weave)


I’m gonna start off, first, I will get ready with my hair braids, and I’m gonna do like a half up half down hairstyles with weave kind of style, but I’m gonna put all of the tracks glue down right back here and actually keep my hair out at the top. I will try to glue the tracks down half in the back and use one of my bundles to do like a half up half down sew ins style at the top and half up half down with weave, so hopefully, that makes sense.

So of course we’re gonna start off with wig caps because that’s what’s most important, I’m gonna do it the same way that I did the quick weave. I’m just not going to glue up here. I’m going to put my wig cap over my head, the hair that I am gonna be using is from Beauty forever hair, I have 3 bundles of three-tone hair. First, put some glue towards the hair weft, and let it air dry for a little bit, maybe like 10s, then I’m just going to start placing the weft on the back of my head and you want to use your blow dryer to help you secure it as well. And repeat this process to glue in the hair weft on my wig cap all the way up till the halfway down a job is done.

Then we’re gonna start off the halfway up work, first I am gonna cut the front part of the wig caps and expose my natural hair, straighten my natural hair, tie it up with a hair band and use a bundle of hair weave to put it around the ponytail and it would look great.

About how I remove the glue or the actual piece that’s glued down. I just go in the shower and take some shampoo and conditioner and let it soak and of course after washing up and doing it in the shower, it’s gonna be super easy, just to pretty much pull off the hair, so I’ll start from the back, I would say I definitely suggest you guys start from the back by pulling it up, it should remove really really easy, but if it’s not, please don’t pull on your hair, just add a little bit more shampoo and conditioner mix into your hair, and let it get lubricant and then pull it up, and then just take some shampoo and conditioner on your actually hair, get your own comb and comb it out.

How long do half up half down sew ins last?

A Half Up Half Down Weave Hairstyle Is Glamorous And A Great Option For A More Protective Hairstyle Compared To A Standard Weave. You Can Achieve This Cute Quick Weave Without Having Any Glue Come In Contact With Your Natural Hair By Using A Protective Cap.

half up half down hairstyles
half up half down hairstyles

How Long Do Quick Weaves Last? When Well Cared-For, This Quick Weave Hairstyle Can Last Up To 2 Months. Following Hairstylist And Youtuber, Diary Of A Hairstylist’s Video, Let´S Take A Look At How You Can Achieve This Luxurious, Protective Hair Style.

  1. For Many Half Up Half Down Sew In Hairstyles You First Need To Section And Secure The Top Of Your Hair
  2. Braid A Thin Section Right Under The Sectioned Off Hair (One On Each Side Of The Head) Then Pin it Out Of The Way
  3. Braid The Remaining Hair Down, One On Each Side Should Be Sufficient Depending On The Length And Thickness Of The Hair. Don’t Forget To Leave Your Edges Out To Be Styled Later
  4. Secure The Braids In Place At The Back Of Your Head
  5. Use Hairspray To Spray Down Any Flyaways At The Back Of Your Head
  6. Flat Iron The Top Section Of Hair
  7. Apply Edge Control To The Edges To Achieve A Sleek Look
  8. Secure The Straightened Top Section Into A Tight, High Ponytail Then Create A Larger Braid With That Hair. Now Create A Bun And Secure In Place. Don’t Forget To Leave Out The Smaller Braids We Created In Step 2, They Will Be Used To Cover The Tracks Of The Weave

Braiding pattern for partial sew in

DO moisturize your scalp. This is another crucial step to promoting healthy hair growth before and during your sew-in.

DO use artificial hair when doing your braiding pattern. This step is optional, but it will greatly help in reducing the tension being placed on your natural hair, especially on anchor braids. Anchor braids are the braids that run along the perimeter of your head and around your leave-out/closure. Having neat and sturdy anchor braids help in making sure your sew-in lays flat. Now that you’re equipped with the do’s and dont’s of preparing your hair’s sew in pattern for a protective style, here are instructions on how to do 6 different sew in braid patterns for the most popular types of sewins.

Hairstyles with Pr Stretched Braiding Hair
Hairstyles with Pr Stretched Braiding Hair

Anwig Ombre Hairstyle

Anwig has Ombre body wave, and Ombre hair straight for you to choose from. Anwig ombre hair is quite popular for African American customers. Ombre Hair Weave Bundles are the best way to add color and length to your hair without any damage. Check out our Anwig Hair Ombre collection.

Do quick weaves damage your hair?

Even though quick weaves are fast and easy to install, the style is not healthy for natural hair. The bonding glue can cause major damage to the natural hair, even with the use of a cap. Many women suffer from hair breakage and even hair loss due to improper installation techniques. It is always best to have a professional install and remove a quick weave.

What are Quick Weaves?

Quick weaves are a hairstyle in which hair extensions are glued to a protective wig cap that is already being worn before bonding the hair to your head. Quick weaves were designed to be a faster method of installing weaves, cutting the installation time in half.

While installing a sew-in weave can take upwards of four tedious and long hours, quick weaves take roughly one and a half to two hours—the perfect method for women on the go!

Quick weave hairstyles can easily be done either at home or by a professional beautician to make them even more convenient. As with sew-in weaves, quick weaves can be of human hair, synthetic hair, or a mixture of both. Quick weaves can also vary in texture. One of the most iconic quick weave hairstyles is a straight-ended bob, for instance. Others include curly manes, half-up-half-down dos, color-blocking hairstyles, and short looks.

Bun Braid Half Up half Down grande
Bun Braid Half Up half Down grande

How to Install Quick Weaves?

To successfully install a quick weave, you will need hair extensions (sold by the track), hair glue, scissors, a wig cap, hardening styling gel (optional), and a blow dryer.

The first step to installing a quick weave is to braid your natural hair into cornrows or plaits. An alternative to braiding your hair is to use a strong-hold hardening gel to hold it down in a sleek pulled-back do throughout the application of the quick weave.

Regardless of your preferred method, the next step is to put a protective wig cap over your natural hair. This will prevent your hair from getting any bonding glue directly on it, which could potentially cause your natural hair to permanently bind with the quick weave extensions.

The next step is to install the quick weave. To do so, take a weft, or track, of hair extension and cut, and apply it to the protective wig cap using bonding glue. Once glued onto the wig cap, each weft should then be blow-dried or allowed to air-dry, ensuring that it has been installed properly.

How to Remove Quick Weaves

When hair begins to shed excessively from your quick weave, it is time to remove the hairstyle. This is because the glue that holds quick weaves together is beginning to deteriorate and is becoming unable to hold the hairdo together anymore.

To remove a quick weave, gently peel the wig cap the hair extensions are glued to off your head. By placing your fingers under the wig cap, start peeling from your forehead and slowly work your way backward until the cap is completely off. Be sure to be especially gentle as not to pull out your natural hair in the process.

Next, take down the braids using either your fingers or a comb if your natural hair has been braided back. Shampoo and deep condition your hair, making sure to comb through and detangle it as you go to remove any leftover hair glue.

Pros of Getting Quick Weaves

  • One of the biggest advantages of getting a quick weave installed over a sew-in is the affordability of the latter. As opposed to paying upwards of $250 for a sew-in, the price for quick weaves tends to range from $60-$150, depending on whether you go to a professional or DIY at home.
  • Besides being a time-saving look, quick weaves can also put significantly less tension on your natural hair than sew-ins. Unlike sew-ins, quick weaves do not require your natural hair to be tightly braided before application.
  • Instead, should you choose to braid your natural hair back, this hairstyle can be successfully done with loosely-braided plaits or cornrows as well as slick-backed hair. Further, quick weaves are glued on instead of sewn-in, providing less pull to your natural hair during removal.
  • Quick weaves are also very low-maintenance hairstyles. This hairstyle does not take much to maintain besides maybe a little mousse to reapply shine or gel to lay your edges now and then.
  • As such, quick weaves are amazing protective styles for your natural hair that are best to wear during extreme hot or cold temperatures. To protect your hair from the frizzy mess, it becomes in humid heat or the dry and brittle muddle it turns into in the brutal cold, try getting a quick weave installed in the summer and winter months.

Cons of Getting Quick Weaves

  • While there are many benefits to getting a quick weave, not all aspects of getting this type of hairstyle are sound. Quick weaves, for instance, may not last as long as sew-in weaves because the bonding glue will begin to wear out naturally. If done properly, a quick weave only lasts up to 4 weeks compared to sew-ins, which last for up to six to ten weeks.
  • Though it can be done at home, installing a quick weave also requires a decent skill level. For example, cutting the wefts of your hair extensions when applying quick weave hairstyles can cause excessive shedding and damage to your hair extensions if not done properly.
  • Another disadvantage of getting a quick weave hairstyle revolves around the use of bonding glue. The bonding glue can cause major damage to the natural hair, even with a cap.
  • Should your wig cap not be of good quality, hair glue could stick to your natural hair pulling it out during removal as a result.
  • Many women suffer from hair breakage and even hair loss due to improper installation and removal techniques. As such, it is always best to have a professional install and remove your quick weave.
  • Bonding glue can also damage your hair extensions when drying by clumping within the hair. However, as per hundreds of positive reviews from women, one highly recommended hair bonding glue is Salon Pro 30 Second Bonding Glue.

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