Single drawn VS Double drawn hair: Which one is better?

The differences between single weft and double weft hair extensions are that single weft extensions have one strip of the track as with a double weft the track is folded and sewn together to create a double layer thicker and fuller look and can buy either style in wefts/bundles or clip in hair extensions.

Single drawn and double drawn are jargon, frequently used in the human hair extension industry for describing different types of hair. However, not everyone is aware of the terms. It is important to know the difference to choose hair extensions that best suit your needs. Let’s understand what each of these terms implies

What does weft hair mean?

A hair weft, in its basic form, is a collection of hair strands sewn onto a super-thin cloth strip ready for your stylist to work into your hair. Machine sewn wefts, however, you can cut, but they’re much heavier and often thicker at the seam.

1.What Is Single and Double Drawn Human Hair?

double weft, Super Drawn Hair vs single weft

What is Single Drawn Wig Hair:

613 deep curly
613 deep curly-02

Single drawn hair extensions are the ones in which each bundle of hair has been procured from a single donor before being placed in a weft. This type of hair resonates with real hair. It has a thick root with some weathering and thinning towards the end. Single drawn hair extensions are most common because of lower costs and lesser efforts involved in processing.

What is double drawn hair:

Double drawn hair wefts extensions comprise hair cut by hand, enabling the bundle to possess the same fullness from top to bottom. The hair is then sewn into a weft. Double drawn hair extensions have increased volume and bounce. They are costlier but assure a fuller appearance and durability. Are literally 2 wefts of hair sewn together on the same seem as you would a single weft extension. Our Cliphair Double weft extensions are brilliant for adding a lot of volume and length without adding tons of weight to the hair. When hair extensions are listed as double drawn, this essentially means that within a bundle of hair, the majority of shorter hairs as described above are removed and replaced with longer hairs.

what is double drawn Remy hair

Sort by: Double Drawn Hair is when all or the majority of short lengths are removed from a bundle of hair leaving only long lengths for a fuller thicker look throughout your hair extensions.

what is remy hair

Remy hair is a hairpiece or wig that is also made of real human hair with the cuticle still intact. So if a product is described as ‘Remy’ you can be assured it is not synthetic. The main difference between Remy hair and human hair wigs is that when Remy hair is collected the cuticle is still intact.

  • A natural cuticle means the hair will not tangle. Non-Remy wigs have artificial cuticles made from silicon. After use, the silicon will begin to wash out and the wig will start to tangle.
  • The cuticle keeps the hair moisturized so you can avoid the dry wig look
  • It keeps the wig silky smooth and shiny
  • A natural cuticle, as opposed to an artificial cuticle, allows the hair to move and flow more naturally
  • Remy Hair lasts longer than regular Human Hair wigs. Remy Hair tends to still look fresh even months later, but it requires more care than a regular human hair. Make sure you follow the guidelines in the package to keep your Remy hair looking fresh.
Double drawn hair weft
Double drawn hair weft

What is Super Drawn Hair?

Super Drawn hair is the most advanced hair type. Super Drawn Hair Bundles can show that more than 85% of the hair is the same length, the rest is shorter. The number of short hairs is very small, so the thickness of the top part of the hair compared to the ends is equal. together.

If you want to add more volume to your hair, this is your best choice. And professionals have to pull the hair out by hand very skillfully and meticulously. However, to create super Drawn human hair, the process is complex.

kinky curly single weft extensions
kinky curly single weft extensions

Since Super Drawn hair is the thickest compared to Single Drawn and Double Drawn, the price is the most expensive. I often advise my clients who want the best and thickest hair to choose Super Drawn. For hair suppliers or hair salons that cater to upper-class guests, this hairstyle is suitable.

The benefit for customers who want to choose this hair, looking at the hair will be thick and beautiful.

2.Where is the difference between Single Drawn Weft Hair and Double Drawn Weft Hair(single weft vs double weft)?

Let’s move on to the difference between each type on the basis of the following parameters:

Hair Ends:

Single drawn hair extensions are available in multiple lengths. Just like raw Indian hair extensions, it is directly sourced from the donor and tends to be thickest at the top, tapering in the middle and thins on the ends. Double drawn hair Weft, on the other hand, is the same length, has a thick texture, and possesses a fuller volume.

Hair Quality:

When it comes to hair quality, double drawn virgin hair is the undisputed winner. The bundle is realigned properly to maintain consistency. The hair is also arranged in equal length to achieve a smooth and polished appearance. Since the procedure is done by hand, these bundles tend to be costlier. Single drawn hair also comes in high quality but falls second when compared to double drawn hair.

Hair Lengths:

Human hair matures in cycles. While some are still growing, others are dormant. This is precisely the reason why single drawn extensions have so many lengths. Double drawn hair, on the other hand, has a single length, which is maintained manually.

Hair Collection Resource:

While single drawn hair is obtained from a single donor, double drawn hair extensions have wefts made from multiple donor hair. Double drawn hair bundles are thick and the thickness is uniform from top to bottom.

Hair Prices:

There’s lesser work involved in the single drawn hair in terms of processing and manufacturing. Therefore, they tend to have a lower price. Although you will have to pay more for double drawn raw hair, its quality, volume, and duration is surely going to be far better than the single drawn hair extensions.

What is the difference between double drawn hair and single drawn hair?

If you already have a medium to thick hair a single weft is all you need to give your hair that extra body. Double wefted hair extensions are made from two wefts of hair sewn together so you get twice as much hair as the single one.Single Drawn hair means the extensions contain multiple lengths of hair mixed into the extensions, resulting in hair that is thickest at the top, tapers at the middle and is thin on the ends. Double drawn hair contains hair that is all the same length. The hair is thick and full from top to bottom.

3.Why do many people want to use Single Drawn Hair or Double Drawn Hair?

Single drawn VS Double drawn hair
Single drawn VS Double drawn hair 01

Single Drawn Hair Extensions Advantages / Disadvantages:

  • The top trends to be wider than the bottom
  • Cheaper than double drawn hair
  • May look scrawny
  • Has lesser volume
  • Creates a “V” shape hairstyle

Double Drawn Hair Extensions Advantages / Disadvantages:

  • Equal length throughout
  • More expensive than single drawn hair
  • High volume
  • Creates a “U” shape hairstyle
  • Gives a fuller look

4. Double Drawn Hair vs Single Drawn Hair, Which one is better?

  • Single drawn hair or double drawn hair does not represent the hair quality. Hair quality is always measured and specified by cuticles of the hair. Based on whether all hair strands in a bunch or bundle of the hair retains their cuticles intact in the same direction or not, the hair quality is measured.
  • Hair with cuticles intact in the same direction is called Remy Hair. Remy’s hair is the real human hair that is best known for its easy maintenance and tangle free nature.
  • How to choose? It depends on the fullness you are looking to achieve. Usually, someone would like to double a couple in the back, and sides, and do the rest single. If you also want to be a little thicker, you can double that weft.
  • In my opinion, it depends on personal taste and what feels and looks good on you. With the thinner wefts, you may want to double up especially with longer lengths and also depending on the style and again what feels and looks good on you.

which is better single drawn or double drawn hair

While you may be saving time with less maintenance and a more convenient choice, double weft hair extensions are more expensive than single wefts. Quite simply, you’re getting more hair than a single weft, so it’s bound to be more. As they’re a lot thicker, they’re heavier in weight. Thickness: Single drawn adds more volume on the top, offers a natural look. It means that the single contains less hair volume than the double encounter. While double drawn creates a fuller and thicker look. It focuses on both the depth and fullness of the hair.

5. How To Take Care Of Single Drawn, Double Drawn, Super Drawn.

If you want to keep your hair as beautiful as our Vietnamese hair, you need to take care of some basic steps for your hair: + The nature of the hair on the head of our Vietnamese people always has oil to keep the hair shiny and always retains a certain amount of moisture. + Our hair is 100% Virgin hair extension, natural so it is necessary to keep the hair moisture, not let the hair dry. + Wash and brush your hair properly, it should be gentle and should not be too harsh and harsh on the hair, which will lead to tangles and hair loss. Use a serum to moisturize your hair.

human hair straight single Drawn bundle
human hair straight single Drawn bundle

6.How to Order Single Drawn/Double Drawn Extensions?

You can procure high-quality hair extensions from Topme hair. We assure you of quality at a decent price. Since customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, we make sure that our customers receive nothing but the best. Whether you are looking for lace frontals, lace closures with a natural part, or lace wigs, we have a variety of options for you to explore and decide.

Can you sew two wefts together?

You can either sew wefts together or use glue to join two or more wefts. Also, this is quite useful to seal the ends of the weft pieces once you have cut them.

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